Programs - Tennis Academy Milas

Tennis camp for children from 10 to 16 years

Camps of the Tennis Academy Milas offer a complete tennis program and excellent training conditions. They are intended for all players aged 10 to 16 who want to improve their technique, improve physical fitness and increase self confidence.


7 days camp

– The seven-day camp TA Milaš, through a precisely balanced program of activities, provides players with the opportunity to expand their knowledge.

– Stay in camp for 7 days

One month camp

-The monthly TAM camp gives players the opportunity to work on developing and improving all aspects of their game.

– Stay in camp for 30 days

Program for professionals
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– The concept of work is based on the maximum of three players, with a two coach on a tennis court

-All players two or three times a months take apart on tournaments with compulsory accompanying trainers who keep the statistics of the matches, each of the players, for the purpose of analyzing and monitoring progress.

– The program lasts for a year