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Pro tennis program

Beginning in January 2019, the Tennis Academy Milaš offers in its programs the Pro Tennis Europe (TE) Program for the ages of children born in 2005 and 2006. The program runs from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

Pro Tennis Program

-Continue education in our Academy
-22 Tennis Europe Tournaments
-Education World Wide Online platform allows for the attendance of primary and
secondary schools
-4h tennis daily (2 sessions per 2 hours)
-1h30 fitness per day
-Accommodation and food

-Institute of Sports testing 3 times per year
-Yoga, massage, psychologist once a week
-One week of basic preparations during off-season (either January or December)
-Training, fitness, sparring, tournament matches + analysis
-Monthly report
-Travelling with our academy’s coach to the tournaments

*** The price of the program for 12 months is € 3,250 per month and includes accommodation and food in the Academy, tennis and fitness programs, Education World Wide online school platform, institute of sports testing 3 times per year, yoga, massage, psychologist, basic preparations, filming practice, fitness, sparring, tournament matches + analysis, monthly report. The tournament costs (transportation, accommodation, food) and coach travelling with a player are included.

Pro Tennis Program
All inclusive 3250 

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Tennis Europe Tournaments

The Pro Tennis Europe Program includes playing 22 tournaments of the Tennis Europe U14 circuit during a calendar year. Tournaments are accompanied by coaches of our academy (tennis or fitness coach).

Also, all players’ matches are followed by GoPro cameras and parents will be provided with a videos of the matches from the tournament plus a detailed match analysis.

Tennis and Fitness Program TAM

Our Academy also provides a highly skilled coaching team that ensures development of every player individually. Mr. Milos Milas, the owner and Academy Head Coach has wealthy coaching experience with players of all ages. Furthermore, Academy coaching staff includes professional tennis coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapist (masseur) and sport psychologist.

The TAM program includes two sessions of tennis for 2 hours per day. Due to more efficient training and focus on accelerated individual progress, only two players are allowed on the court who are overseen by a tennis and fitness coach. Each session is preceded by a 30-minute warm-up with a fitness coach. Upon completion of the tennis practice, it will either take 30 minutes of stretching with a fitness coach or fitness practice depending on the schedule.

Conditioning and strength training will depend on the results of physical fitness testing conducted at the Institute of Sports. According to these results and the individual needs of the player, a special physical development plan will be made every four months, as physical testing will be done every four months.

Testing Physical Abilities and Physical Predispositions at the Institute of Sport

In cooperation with the Institute of Sport and Medicine of the Republic of Serbia and TAM, TAM provides participants of the Pro Tennis Europe Physical Fitness Testing Program 3 times during the year. Within this cooperation, testing package includes:
1. Medical examinations
2. Control of training with identification of risk of injury and restrictions locomotor apparatus
2.1. Identification of risk of injuries and functional imbalances
a) Computer 3D analysis of postural status of the whole body (estimation
structural disbalance of the feet, joints, knees, lower back, pelvis, hip,
shoulders, head and neck)
b) Analysis of basic locomotor patterns (estimation of functional disbalance)
c) Assessment of muscular function in order to identify the risk of
injury (isokinetic diagnostics)
d) Assessment of the motion of various joints (goniometric measurements)
2.2. Assessment of motor skills with a specific battery of field tests for tennis
(flexibility, speed, agility, strength, endurance)
2.3. Estimation of morphological characteristics (percentage of fat, easurement
of volume and length extremities)
2.4. Psychological testing

One-week recovery programs in TAM

TAM recognizes the great importance of players’ recovery and organizes once a week for 1h Yoga, 1h individual massage and 1h group session with a psychologist. Basic recovery after each day of training is a group stretch led by a fitness coach that lasts one hour.

Education World Wide

Education World Wide is an online educational platform that combines basic, secondary and higher education. EduWW provides the opportunity for its students to attend fully accredited and recognized educational programs in a flexible and interactive online form. The complete EduWW education system is designed for students with the need for an internationally recognized, individually oriented and interactive educational program. Students can enroll from their lowest grades until the final year of high school.
The EduWW K12 program is unique in technology that is used in the learning process as one of the few fully interactive online educational programs. The EduWW Ignitia LMS system closely monitors the activity of each student and sets out guidelines for further education. The system monitors work and combines key facts with the aim of further methodological development of pupils.
Educational platform includes, complete program, tasks, tests, quizzes, interactivity, video lessons and the entire administration system.
At the end of their education, students receive fully accredited diploma with complete documentation.

Apply till 01.12.2018.

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