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Google’s Jagger Update Rocks Manipulative Link Building

Google's Jagger Update Rocks Manipulative Link Building

With the Jagger Update, Google altered its algorithm to target unnatural link building, duplicate content, and other technical factors.

How To Build Links to Your Website With Semrush | Lesson 4/5 | Semrush Academy

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to enrich our backlink profile with the help of the Link Building Tool.
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0:13 Link Building tool
0:52 Prospects report
3:02 Toxic rank
3:15 In Progress tab
4:08 Nine email templates
5:15 Monitor tab
6:11 Summary

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In this lesson, we’ll dive deeper into the proactive step-by-step link building process. And to help us do this is our Link Building Tool. The Link Building Tool is a simple yet efficient solution to get ironclad ideas for expanding your backlinks profile. It helps you take three necessary steps to acquire links: researching for ideas, outreach, and tracking the results.

Link Building Tool
Let’s configure the tool and see what it will offer. First, you need to enter up to 10 keywords that you want to rank for. By default, the tool will provide you with suggested keywords, which you can remove if you find them irrelevant. Don’t forget to change your target database in the drop-down menu at the top if needed.

At the second step you can enter up to 10 competitors to help SEMrush identify domains that provide the most links to them. Like in the first step, the tool will make suggestions from the Organic Competitors Report.

Now that you’ve entered your target keywords and competitors, click the Start Link Building button. It may take several minutes for the tool to pull the data. After that, you’ll get to the Overview report. There you’ll see the overall information for your new campaign, namely:

The number of prospects, divided in 5 categories;
The number prospects you have to contact;
The number of replies you’ve received;
And the number of domains you’re monitoring.
Like in the Backlink Audit tool, you can connect your Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo accounts to be able to send emails right from the tool. To do this, click Add next to Mailbox and follow the instructions in the popup window.

You can also integrate the tool with the Google Search Console account – this will help pull more precise suggestions on your prospects by automatically marking already acquired backlinks.

Go to the Prospects report to get a detailed list of backlink opportunities. You can see all of them in a single table, or you can switch over between prospects with different sources. These sources are:

Organic search;
Competitors’ backlinks;
Mentions of your or your competitor’s brand name or other keyword you’ve targeted that are found by SEMrush;
Links from domains that you uploaded manually;
Lost backlinks, which are gathered from the Backlink Audit tool.
To pick the most suitable and relevant link prospects and let you target your audience, you can apply multiple filters by:

URL type (like forums, blogs, news, etc.) – these are defined automatically;
or TLD.
If you’ve decided to continue working with the prospect, just click the ‘To In Progres’ button to move it to the In progress list. You can also send it to this list, additionally selecting your outreach strategy, which is the predefined scenario of acquiring the link. If a prospect doesn’t suit you, click the X button to move it to the Rejected list. To help you make the right decision on whether to keep a prospect or to reject it, the tool offers you its overall rating, as well as detailed information for each prospect.

Among others, there’s a toxic rank, a metric that we’ve already got acquainted with earlier in this module. It represents to what extent a certain domain could be dangerous to your website.

Once you’ve put together a list of your prospects, the time has come to reach out to them. Go to the In Progress tab and make sure you’ve connected your Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo accounts. By doing this, you’ll be able to send and receive outreach emails from the automatically retrieved addresses, track responses, and monitor your status to see if a certain email was sent/opened/read/or replied to.

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Why we don’t engage in link buying and manipulative link building

Buying links is still a popular digital PR strategy, and is an approach adopted as a link building strategy. Can it work? Sometimes, but the associated risks are significant, and recovery from any penalties from Google isn’t easy. At connective3 we don’t buy links, honestly because we don’t need to thanks to the creativity and contacts of our content marketing team. Tim discusses the reasons behind why people are still buying links, and explains why natural link building is a far better long term SEO strategy.

Cloud Stacking | SEO Link building tactic 2022

In this video I’ll teach you what are Cloud links and what cloud stacking is.

Cloud stacking is a link building tactic often used to diversify your backlink portfolio and stand out from your competitors.

Why are cloud links good?
Because they are powerful links from:
– Trustworthy companies (i.e. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft)
– The domains have extremely high metrics (which you can increase more)
– Cheap to create
– Not many competitors have them
– Highly diversified link portfolio
– Dofollow and indexable links

What is cloud stacking?
Cloud stacking is the process of building strong backlinks using HTML pages on cloud hosting services (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IMB Cloud etc…) and interlinking them between each other.

SEO Cloud stacking link building from platforms like:
– Amazon AWS
– Google Cloud
– IBM Cloud
– Microsoft Azure
– Github
– and many others

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New Link Building Technique [Get 1,010 Backlinks Overnight]

What if you got 1,000 high-quality backlinks overnight?

It’s possible when you use a creative link building strategy like I’ll show you in this video.


Creativity and content is the key to scaling your link building.

Watch now because using this strategy could change the link building game for you in 2023.

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