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How to Avoid SEO Disaster During a Website Redesign

How to Avoid SEO Disaster During a Website Redesign

Redesigning or migrating your website is a huge undertaking. Protect your investment with this SEO checklist for website redesigns.

8 Great Website Redesign Ideas: Keep Your Website Fresh

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Are you looking to redesign your website? In this video, we will be giving you 8 great website redesign ideas to keep your business’s website fresh.

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Upgrade Your Site Now With These Website Redesign Ideas!

Consider your business website as the compiled interactive visualization of your brand.

It features your products, links your social media accounts, contains your brand and contact information…

…among anything and everything related to your business.

It establishes credibility and builds trust with your customers.

So it goes without saying that the quality of your website directly impacts your business’ results.

Once your website is up and running though, it can be easy to forget to update it as you g.

And that may lead to your website looking out of trend and needing a style refresh.

That’s why in this episode, we’re giving you 8 great website redesign ideas to refresh your site. 

Let’s get started!

Video Outline
Intro (0:00)
1. Review your style (1:03)
2. Make your banner as eye-catching as you can (2:27)
3. Adjust it so it is mobile friendly (3:16)
4. Text check (4:29)
5. Highlight your CTA/make sure they are visible (4:53)
6. Curate your used images (5:26)
7. Make your socials visible/follow buttons (6:04)
8. Keep Hick’s law in mind (6:19)

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Rankings Dropped After a Website Redesign?

Today’s viewer question concerns rankings dropping after a theme change on a website (a website redesign). Jason asks, “When it comes to changing a theme on a WordPress site, have you found a major dip in search engine traffic? If so, how fast can you recover?”

Many people worry about changing a website design, or what could happen if they switch up a theme. There is always some risk in changing designs, as Google will reevaluate how users interact with the website.

We look at some ways you can troubleshoot a rankings dip after a website change, and give you a list of what to look for when planning a redesign and re-launch for your website. The goal is to improve your SEO rankings in Google, and not lose any search traffic.


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How to Redesign Website Without Losing SEO? (Checklist)

Redesigning a website is so hard and so critical case that you have to be careful about it. If you are targeting a high rank on the search engine, You can not focus just on redesigning, you have to focus on SEO too!

In this video, We talked about how to redesign your website without losing your SEO performance. So, here we go!

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Check our technical SEO checklist to; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUmsbFVQ4dU

00:00 Intro
00:43 Website Redesign SEO checklist
00:51 Get to know your current site
01:03 Check your website performance
01:19 Set yourself goals
02:04 Aim for improving
02:30 Optimize old content
03:00 Setup 301 redirect
03:31 Build your redesign website

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Redesigning Your Website? Do This First Before You Launch (Avoid This SEO Mistake)

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In this video, I share my top tips when redesigning your website. I get so many client questions about SEO when it comes to website redesign.

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Your rankings don’t have to fall as long as you make sure you follow my tips. I share what to do with your old site while your new one is being built, what to do with your homepage, how to add valuable content, and more.

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Watch the video so you know how to maintain, or better yet, improve SEO for your new website design.

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00:00 SEO Power Hour
01:01 Don’t Use a Coming Soon Page
01:51 Add Text to Your Homepage
02:52 SEO Settings
03:17 URL Pages
04:35 Adding Content
05:00 Image SEO
05:49 Design Day

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