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How to Test Your AMP Pages: The Complete Guide

How to Test Your AMP Pages: The Complete Guide

Learn how to implement, validate, monitor, and fix the most common AMP errors to improve SEO with this step-by-step testing guide.

The Spark Amp Walkthrough | Exploring the Amp and the App | Positive Grid

Check out the amp HERE:

In this video, Steve Stine will be exploring the Positive Grid Spark Amp and the accompanying app, and how they work together.

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#sparkamp #positivegrid #stevestine

What makes a great AMP Sample? (AMP Contributor Summit ’18)

This talks is about how to best create samples for AMP. Why it’s a good idea to contribute samples together with a new AMP component, how it works and and what the best practices are. Hopefully, we’ll be able to give a sneak peak into how it’s going to work on amp.dev.

Learn more about this year’s conference → http://bit.ly/2yeDsn1
Visit the AMP Project → http://bit.ly/2RLAKNU

AMP Contributor Summit ’18 playlist → http://bit.ly/2RHpdzn
Subscribe to the AMP channel! → http://bit.ly/AMPchannel1

Presented by: Chiara Chiappini and Sebastian Benz

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How to Validate & Debug AMP Pages

Learn about the various options available to validate your AMP pages and make sure they’re eligible to show up on platforms like Google Search. Get familiar with the built-in AMP validator, the web interface, the browser plugins and the command line tools.

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