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10 Quick SEO Tips to Boost Your Restaurant Website in Search

10 Quick SEO Tips to Boost Your Restaurant Website in Search

Get a taste of SEO success with these 10 tips designed to improve your restaurant's visibility in organic and local Google Search.

SEO Tips & Tricks – Does SEM Boost SEO in 2022?

Does paid traffic help in SEO?

The results that Google generates are usually of two types – Paid search results and Organic search results.

Search Engine Optimization is the answer to topping organic search results. SEO includes not just optimizing your website but also making your content relevant.

On the other hand, anyone who has ever searched for something on Google has come across paid or sponsored ads at least once. But does Google favour advertisers?

After all, Google does earn over $100 billion through paid advertising per year. So, which is better for you? Paid ads or organic SEO? And if you do opt for paid ads, does paid traffic help in SEO?

Today, our Ex-CLO Meherzad Karanjia answers the million-dollar question!

10 SEO Tips To Improve Search Traffic for 2023

I’m going to share 10 quick wins for you to apply to yours or your clients website. Each tip will show results within just a few weeks, yet takes less than 30 minutes to implement!

Long-Tail Keyword Mastery Guide – https://fatjoe.com/long-tail-keywords/
How To Speed Up A WordPress Website – https://youtu.be/bYUOEvVvfS4


These simple SEO tricks will help any website rank well in Google and get it seen.

SEO Tip 1) Claim The Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile is an easy-to-use tool for businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. Displaying accurate business data can help customers find your business and to tell them your story.

SEO Tip 2) Add title & heading tags to all pages
Title tags and headings are really important for encouraging a good click through rate from the search results. Go through all the pages and start optimising title tags and adding heading titles to pages. If you use Ahrefs you can use the Site Audit tool which will highlight missing tags.

SEO Tip 3) Check images for alt text
Not only does adding Alt Text support users with visual impairments, but it enables search engines to accurately acknowledge and categorize images for their search results.

SEO Tip 4) Inject long-tail keywords
Long-tail keywords are searched by consumers who have a specific problem they need solving or a question they’d like to ask. Here’s a step-by-step guide to long-tail keywords: https://fatjoe.com/long-tail-keywords/

SEO Tip 5) Run the content through Surfer SEO
Surfer SEO is a tool designed to help SEO optimize text content like blog posts and web pages. Run the content through the tool, take this analysis and update the content.

SEO Tip 6) Refresh old content
Google likes fresh content as they consider it to be more relevant to the user. By adding extra content in the form of words, images, videos, and audio, you can push up a page’s ranking to the first page.

SEO Tip 7) Analyze mobile friendliness
If the website is not mobile friendly, it’s not great for user experience and is therefore highly unlikely to rank in Google.

SEO Tip 8) Improve website speed
The longer users spend on your website, the better the engagement rate, and the higher your rankings on Google. Check out our ‘How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site’ video for more tips – https://youtu.be/bYUOEvVvfS4

SEO Tip 9) Install an XML sitemap
An XML sitemap shows all URL links that Google bots can follow to find all available pages and posts. It makes it easier for Google to crawl the entire website.

SEO Tip 10) Gather positive reviews
Reviews are particularly SEO boosting for local businesses. According to the Local Search Ranking Factors Survey, review signals make up 16% of the search engine decision-making process when it comes to local pack rankings.

// Do you have any other quick SEO tips? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

00:00 Intro
00:38 SEO Tip 1) Claim The Google Business Profile
01:39 SEO Tip 2) Add title & heading tags to all pages
02:34 SEO Tip 3) Check images for alt text
03:12 SEO Tip 4) Inject long-tail keywords
03:50 SEO Tip 5) Run the content through Surfer SEO
04:36 SEO Tip 6) Refresh old content
05:24 SEO Tip 7) Analyze mobile friendliness.
05:57 SEO Tip 8) Improve website speed
06:47 SEO Tip 9) Install an XML sitemap
07:30 SEO Tip 10) Gather positive reviews
08:19 Outro
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10 Local SEO Tips To Boost Your Website Traffic in 2022 (Beginners Tutorial)

Improving your local SEO performance should be a priority if you are a small business targeting local customers.
In this tutorial, I run through 10 local SEO tips you can easily implement to boost your website traffic and visibility in Google local search results, so you can attract more customers.
No need for any prior knowledge, this local SEO tutorial is made for complete beginners.
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�� Table of content
0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Tip 1: Create a dedicated webpage for each product/service you offer
3:58 – Tip 2: Optimise the Meta Titles of your pages
6:29 – Tip 3: Turn your content into powerful links
8:57 – Tip 4: Add the location you are targeting in key parts of your site
11:49 – Tip 5: Create a Google My Business Listing
12:32 – Tip 6: Create a Business Listing on Bing
14:12 – Tip 7: Add your business to Apple Maps
15:15 – Tip 8: List your business in Key Directories that show at the top of Google Search Results
16:21 – Tip 9: Get some external links pointing to your website
18:14 – Tip 10: Check your Analytics
19:42 – Outro

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