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News SEO: Popular Topics, Hot Takes & Expert Tips

News SEO: Popular Topics, Hot Takes & Expert Tips

Get the top takeaways and expert tips from news SEO experts at The New York Times, USA TODAY, WSJ, Google and more – from NESS 2021.

[SEO Conference] What Shapes SEO Today & Tomorrow

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SE Ranking invites you to 9 sessions from industry leaders full of actionable insights for your work with search engine optimization.

Learn from actual SEO practitioners and experts in digital marketing – people who have really been in the trenches and know the latest and greatest about how to make your online presence work for you, your company, or your clients.

00:00 Intro
5:35 Search Engine Optimization Changes Lives — Sean Si, CEO and Founder at SEO Hacker
29:39 [SEO News] — Chris Raulf, International SEO Expert | Founder & President at Boulder SEO Marketing; SEO Jo Blogs Marketing Consultant, Founder of Turn Digi
38:57 [SEO Gap Analysis] A Data-Driven Approach to Winning — Lidia Infante, Senior SEO Manager at Sanity.io
1:08:11 Tackling Enterprise Level SEO Problems — Dan Taylor, Head of Technical SEO at SALT.agency
1:45:15 [SEO News] — Chris Raulf, International SEO Expert | Founder & President at Boulder SEO Marketing; SEO Jo Blogs Marketing Consultant, Founder of Turn Digi
1:49:37 How to SEOptimise Content Briefs — Rejoice Ojiaku, Co-Founder & Content Lead for B-DigitalUK
2:22:00 Don’t Fall Behind – Incorporate AI Into Your SEO Strategy Now — Chris Raulf, International SEO Expert | Founder & President at Boulder SEO Marketing
2:39:45 Everything You Didn’t Know About Entity SEO — Sara Taher, SEO Manager at Assembly Global
3:18:17 Tracking, Measuring and Improving Core Web Vitals — Sophie Gibson, Technical SEO Director at StudioHawk
3:53:33 Data-Driven Technical SEO Research — Omi Sido, Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe
4:23:13 [Expert Q &A] How to Always Be Prepared for Google Updates — Barry Schwartz, President and Owner of RustyBrick, Inc.

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SEO for News Publications or Media Websites

How to do SEO for news websites? I asked John Shehata from Condé Nast and Barry Adams from Polemic Digital who have years of experience doing SEO for news publications!

01:19 What’s different when you do SEO for a news Website?
09:29 Will publications move on from AMP once it’s not a requirement?
15:33 What’s the workflow to crawl, index and monitor results fast for news sites?
25:58 How you optimize for Google Discover
33:53 A last news SEO tip

#SEOforNews #newsseo #seoguide

SEO best practices for news sites

Learn SEO best practices for news sites to help position your content appear on Google search results and news surfaces. Daniel Waisberg and Cherry Prommawin from Google Search share tips that will increase the visibility of your content on Search, drive more traffic to your website, News policies, and more in this episode of Search Central Lightning Talks.

Google Search Essentials → https://goo.gle/search-essentials
Creating helpful, reliable, people-first content →https://goo.gle/helpful-content
Qualify your outbound links to Google → https://goo.gle/outbound-links
News policies → https://goo.gle/news-policies
Influence your byline dates in Google Search → https://goo.gle/byline-date
Visual Elements gallery of Google Search →https://goo.gle/search-visual
Search Console for news sites → https://goo.gle/sc-news

0:00 – Introduction
1:20 – How news content looks on Google Search
3:12 – SEO best practices
7:34 – How to be eligible for Google News?

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Complete SEO Course for Beginners: Learn to Rank #1 in Google

Learn how to do search engine optimization in our complete SEO training course for beginners.

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Additional SEO Resources

SEO Course for Beginners Playlist (14 Videos) ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvJ_dXFSpd2vk6rQ4Rta5MhDIRmakFbp6

SEO For Beginners: A Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Higher Google Rankings ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvwS7cV9GmQ

Keyword Research Tutorials for SEO ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvJ_dXFSpd2u5JCtiYWfvnSvAkoPwg5VY

On Page SEO Checklist for Higher Google Rankings ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDYjjkvtOVo

Link Building Tutorials (Step-By-Step) ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvJ_dXFSpd2tjUTuAHpHidz5e2hAedP_m

It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about SEO. This complete end-to-end course was created to help you learn SEO in an easy and systematic way.

This SEO training course will teach you:

► What is SEO and why it is important
► What keywords are
► The basics of how to do keyword research
► How to analyze search intent
► How to check ranking difficulty
► What is on-page SEO
► How to optimize a page for your target keyword
► What is link building and why it is important
► How to build backlinks
► What makes a backlink “high-quality”
► How to do blogger outreach
► What is technical SEO
► Technical SEO best practices

You don’t have to watch multiple videos from different places just to piece together how SEO works.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll understand everything you need to know about the basics of SEO and how to rank #1 in Google. You’ll know how to do the four main aspects of SEO: keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and technical SEO.

Best of all, you’ll be able to apply your training immediately to your own website and work to rank higher on Google. You’ll understand what it is you need to do to begin getting traffic from organic search month after month.


0:00 Intro
1:25 What is SEO and why it is important
7:54 What are keywords
15:39 How to analyze search intent
19:51 How to find keyword for your site
31:01 What is ranking difficulty
40:28 What is on-page SEO
46:26 How to optimize a page for a target keyword
59:39 What is link building and why it is important
1:04:38 How to get backlinks for your site
1:08:26 What makes a backlink “good”
1:16:23 What are link building tactics for beginners
1:30:50 How to do blogger outreach for backlinks
1:43:28 What is technical SEO and why it’s important
1:51:00 What are technical SEO best practices

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