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9 PPC Mistakes That Impact Success

9 PPC Mistakes That Impact Success

Make sure your PPC campaigns are set up for success. Learn the top factors that can hold back paid search performance and how to address them.

Amazon PPC Automatic Campaign Mistakes | Don’t Waste Money On These Strategies

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What are the most common Amazon PPC automatic campaign mistakes for your Amazon FBA business? Watch to the very end of this video to find out!

Amazon PPC automatic campaigns is usually the very first PPC campaign that you should be running for your Amazon FBA products for a successful product launch. Running Amazon PPC automatic campaigns is easy but most beginner Amazon FBA sellers can run into these mistakes that will cost them hundreds of dollars if they follow any of these strategies! Amazon PPC campaigns are for researching organic keywords that your customers are searching when they are looking for your Amazon FBA product. The converted keywords are then used to build Amazon PPC manual campaigns to do a complete product launch. Watch out for these Amazon PPC automatic campaign mistakes so you don’t waste money on these strategies!

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US High Growth SaaS Companies: the necessity of Global Expansion

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In this insightful analysis, Yosef, Founder and CEO of APX, elucidates the critical necessity of international market expansion for US high-growth SaaS companies. Drawing upon real-world examples of Uber and Didi, the video sheds light on the strategic implications of prioritizing domestic growth over global expansion. The focus is not on prescribing a one-size-fits-all strategy, but rather on highlighting the potential repercussions of delaying a move onto the global stage. As the video unfolds, Yosef explores APX’s role in facilitating seamless, profitable market entries into the UK and DACH regions, emphasizing its dedication to assisting companies in their global expansion journeys. This video is an essential watch for decision-makers and strategists in high-growth SaaS companies contemplating their next move

�� The 8 most common mistakes in Amazon PPC

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Are you an Amazon FBA seller who can’t figure out the right Amazon PPC strategy that works for you? Have you tried to watch all kinds of Amazon PPC tutorial videos, checked out Amazon FBA PPC Guide files, and yet you’re still stuck?

In this video, I’m going to share with you the top 8 Amazon PPC mistakes that I have identified in my almost 4 years of selling on Amazon. I started on Amazon from scratch and worked my way up to learning the right methods for Amazon PPC optimization. Now, I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Firstly, you need to keep your campaigns organized and structured properly. If not, you won’t bother to really manage them properly and spend the necessary time on them.

Next, you might not be importing your good converting ASINs and keywords, which is a wasted opportunity for getting even more conversions. Another is that you have to adjust bids. I do this after analyzing ACoS, CTR, and sales. However, you can’t do this too frequently that you won’t allow time to give you proper data.

Aside from those, you also need to be using dayparting when your budget is limited. Many don’t bother to make sure that they take advantage of the best selling hours of the day. Another huge mistake is failing to add negative keywords to your campaigns, which is a waste of money from your budget that doesn’t give you the results you’re looking for.

Is your brand growing? You should bid on your brand keyword! So many fail to do this because they forget that customers will also be searching for their brand name. You also need to make sure that you are utilizing all types of available campaigns and analyze from there what’s working for you.

Do you see One word searches in your search term reports? It’s best to add them as negatives because they are too broad, and many sellers fail to realize this.

Watch the entire video to see my full explanations and insights for each point I mentioned above!



0:00 Intro
0:18 8 Common Mistakes in Amazon PPC
1:30 #1 Poor Campaign Structure
2:33 #2 Not Importing Good Converting ASINs & Keywords
3:56 #3 Not Adjusting Bids
5:03 #4 Not Using Dayparting When You Have Limited Budget
5:52 #5 Not Adding Negative Keywords Regularly
6:23 Support the Sourcing Monster Channel
6:50 #6 Not Bidding on your Brand Keywords
7:18 #7 Not Utilizing All Types of Campaigns
8:07 #8 Not Adding One Words as Negatives
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Pay Per Click Mistakes | Top 10 Google Ads Mistakes – EXPERT TIPS – PPC Mistakes

Today we’re discussing the Top 10 Pay Per Click Mistakes / Google Ads Mistakes that most people make. These PPC mistakes are ones that can cost you a TON of money. So… we decided to make a quick list so that you can avoid these Google Ads mistakes.

Start: (00:00)
#1: Not Using the Right PPC Campaign settings (0:08)
#2: Not selecting the right keywords… or too many keywords (0:16)
#3: Not having the right conversion tracking set up (0:29)
#4: Not having the right number of ads (0:39)
#5: Not having negative keywords or not keeping up with them (0:48)
#6: Not measuring your campaign progress (0:59)
#7: Paying too much for highly competitive keywords (1:10)
#8: Not knowing where your PPC ads are wasting money (1:24)
#9: Keywords and ads that aren’t eligible (1:36)
#10: Not sending traffic to the right page (1:46)


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